Industry Partners Expo Hall Spotlight

Our Industry Partners are a very important part of our organization and annual conference. Without them we would not be able to accomplish certain aspects of what we do. That is why we are now highlighting each Industry Partner that registers for our conference. If you are an industry partner who would like to register for the 2018 trade show or be a sponsor, make sure to check out the forms below and welcome letter. We appreciate you and everything you do to help make our conference number one!


Everbridge fills the "critical" void in existing unified communications programs by providing organizations with a platform to communicate and collaborate during disruptive events.


ECaTS,Emergency Call Tracking System, is the first universal 911 Call Reporting System that provides real-time reporting analytics to the 911 industry.

BIS Digital

BIS provides the latest digital court recording software and other recording equipment to over 4,000 customers.



Safeguarding communities and responding to emergencies requires commitment, training and experience.

Steelpower Chairs

At Kustom Fit, we have commited ourselves at every employee level as well as suppliers and associates to focus all of our resources and provide superior quality, service and unexcelled customer satisfaction.


Word Systems, INC.

At Word Systems, it is our mission to provide quality products and achieve utmost client satisfaction. We do this by providing a wide-range of recording & digital data management systems, which continue to help our growing customer base overcome a variety of challenges.

Nelson Systems, Inc.

We specialize in technical services that support mission critical Voice and Data applications including hospitals, law offices, call centers, and emergency settings.

Guardian Tracking

Guardian Tracking software provides you with a centralized and standard method of documentation to track employee performance with ease of use and transparency throughout your organization.

Commercial Electronics

Commercial Electronics' mission is to provide intelligent and intuitive recording solutions for the emergency services, call center and interview room markets. We focus on customized integration and proactive service to meet the specific needs of each client.