2014 Indiana NENA Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right

  • Dispatcher, Kevin Hicks
  • Grant Co. Sheriff's Dept. Sgt., Jason Ewer
  • Dispatcher, Debbie Carmichael

Teamwork Award - Honorable Mention

On the evening of August 14, 2013, at 7:11 pm Grant County dispatchers received a 911 call from Sgt. Jason Ewer of the Sheriff's Department who was attempting to report a ditch had collapsed on him and a friend. Dispatcher Debbie Carmichael was unable to determine the location due to the reception being extremely poor. She remained on the line and attempted to determine who was calling and what kind of emergency was occurring. At approximately the same time, Dispatcher Kevin Hicks received a second call from Sgt. Ewer's wife who was unsure of the address and was attempting to provide directions as to the location of where her husband. The dispatchers worked relentlessly and were finally able to determine the exact location and dispatched first responders immediately. Sadly, Mr. Hoffman lost his life in the incident. However, Sgt. Ewer was rescued, due to the quick actions of Hicks and Carmichael who remained calm while gathering critical information under difficult conditions.