2015 Indiana NENA Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right

  • Monroe Co. Central Dispatch Director, Jeff Schemmer
  • Dispatcher, Yvonne Budreau
  • Dispatcher, Amanda Dearing
  • Not pictured - Mark Grimes

Teamwork Award-Co Winners

Dispatchers Amanda Dearing, Mark Grimes and Yvonne Budreau, are being recognized for taking 911 calls to a whole new level. On March 10, 2015, a caller reported his fiancé who he was Skyping with in New York started to develop breathing problems and had fallen to the floor in an unconscious state. Not only were the dispatchers dealing with a call that was halfway across the country they also were tasked with a language barrier. Dispatcher Dearing kept the caller on the line while Grimes and Budreau began searching and eventually contacting the Brooklyn New York police as well as the Fire and Rescue. Through the use of the video chat the address was determined; however First Responders were tasked with knocking on several doors and were able to determine the correct apartment. The door was forced open and the victim found unresponsive but breathing. The duration of this 911 calls was over 35 minutes which exhibited an extraordinary amount of teamwork of over 50 of combined dispatching experience demonstrating a high degree of creativity in saving a life.