2015 Indiana NENA Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right

  • Jaden's mom
  • ERS - Jim Laverdiere
  • Dispatcher, Freddy Sturgeon
  • Caller - Jaden Padawan
  • Monroe Co. Central Dispatch Director, Jeff Schemmer

911 HERO Award

Six year old Jaden Padawan called 911 on February 7, 2014 at 7:40 pm, to report her grandmother was unconscious and there were no other adults at the residence. Jaden was unable to provide the exact address, however she was able to provide Monroe County Central Dispatcher Freddy Sturgeon a description of the area she was near. Sturgeon was able to gain critical information from Jaden about her grandmother and their location. Jaden remained calm throughout the call and as she observed officers drive by her location she began to turn the front porch light off and on to gain their attention. Also in the home was a toddler who her grandmother was watching for the evening. It was determined by the IU Health Ambulance Jaden's grandmother was diabetic with a very low blood sugar that evening and as a result of Jaden's call, she saved her grandmothers life.