2015 Indiana NENA Award Recipients

Pictured from left to right

  • Monroe Co. Central Dispatch Director, Jeff Schemmer
  • Dispatcher, Amanda Panfil-Gottardo
  • ISP Regional Supervisor Deana Minto

Teamwork Award
ISP Lowell Regional

ISP Regional Supervisor Deana Minto, Regional Dispatchers Amanda "Mandy" Panfil-Gottardo, and Diana Lopez began receiving reports on Saturday, June 28, 2014 at approximately 4:30 am of a personal injury accident near the Indiana/Illinois state line on I80/I94. Dispatcher Panfil-Gottardo received a call from driver of the vehicle that was rear-ended who had exited his car to check on injuries. While out of the car the offending driver got into his car and sped away with the caller's 13 year old son in the car. Dispatcher Panfil-Gottardo wasted no time in gathering crucial information that was immediately broadcast to all law enforcement units. She asked the father if his son had a cell phone and after several attempts she was able to establish contact to gain location information. There was a high degree of coordination of working with all of the agencies to locate this vehicle. Regional Dispatch Manager Trevor Stevens lauded Dispatchers Panfil-Gottardo for her compassion and superior judgment to insure the 13 year olds personals safety. After nearly twenty minutes ISP Major Jerry Williams apprehended the suspect without incident who was also incarcerated for Driving under the Influence.

Stevens says "it was due to the quick actions of the dispatch staff that contributed to a positive outcome to reuniting the father and son."